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The name 'Vimba' translates to mean ‘hope’ in the native Zimbabwean language Shona.  Zimbabwe is one of the greatest humanitarian crises in Africa.  As a result, Vimba’s passion and ultimate aim is to make a noticeable difference in the lives of those dying from the deprivation of basic human necessities.

Vimba strives to create environments which foster a child’s development. These environments provide shelter, food, informal education, regular health check-ups and the chance for a child to lead as close to a normal existence as possible.


We view ourselves as a charity that does not create a cycle of donor dependency, but rather one that empowers people, teaches life skills and facilitates development within communities.

Vimba was started by a group of friends in London in 2008 who wanted to help vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe.  It continues to be run by passionate volunteers who want to achieve the maximum benefit from every donation by maintaining extremely low fixed overheads.

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