What we do - Zimbabwe

Our Mission and Aims

Vimba strives to create environments which foster a child’s development. These environments provide shelter, food, informal education, regular health check-ups and the chance for a child to lead as close to a normal existence as possible. We view ourselves as a charity that does not create a cycle of donor dependency, but rather one that empowers people, teaches life skills, and facilitates development within communities.

We aim to achieve this by:
• Providing one nutritional meal a day at the Child Feeding and Education Centres.
• Employing a minimum of one teacher per centre to educate the children.
• Stimulating and encouraging the local community to provide for itself by teaching them to be more efficient in their processes.
• Ensuring regular health checks by registered nurses including family and community education about health.

"The key to Vimba’s effectiveness is creating sustainability, with your help, we can make a difference."

Child Feeding and Education Centres (CFEs)

With various food based projects in and around Zimbabwe, Vimba felt it was best placed to make a difference based on two key principles:
• To build sustainability within a community.
• To actively encourage the community in our projects and eliminate donor dependency.

We channelled our energy and funds into identifying and opening Child Feeding and Education Centres in which children from a 15km radius would come to the centre five days a week and would be provided with:
• One guaranteed nutritional meal a day.
• Informal education.
• Regular medical checks by a qualified nurse.

Montgomery CFE Centre

• Vimba’s first centre, Montgomery is located in the Barwick District in Concession and opened up in August 2009.
• There are approximately 30 children at the centre
• Vimba has two caregivers trained in child care at Montgomery and they feed the children, perform regular health checks, provide mentally stimulating activities and advise of any potential abuse cases
• Vimba implemented a Young Farmers club at this centre to promote sustainability


Mapere CFE Centre

• Mapere was opened in January 2010.
• It is located just outside Concession with approximately 40 children frequenting the centre on a monthly basis
• Extensive work on regeneration of buildings into child friendly environments was done by Vimba and the local community. Additionally, repairs to playground equipment were undertaken as was the installation of blackboards for teaching purposes
• We installed a borehole to provide clean drinking water
• Vimba has assisted various star pupils by paying for their O’Level examinations and in return they have assisted at the centres
• Medical assistance is provided to desperate children with epilepsy, stomach ulcers and HIV at this centre
• Vimba is in the process of building two new classrooms to accommodate the ever increasing number of students who current learn under a tree irrespective of the elements. The classroom blocks will also act as a further learning centre for the rest of the community


Macheke CFE Centre

• Macheke was opened in July 2010 thanks to a kind donation from ASIG
• Macheke was adversely affected by political unrest and recent droughts have compounded the severity of the peoples suffering and therefore the centre initially struggled to attract children
• The children at Macheke were starving to the point where they were too weak to attend school and therefore Vimba decided to extend meals to children over the age of five years old
• At present we are feeding more than 30 children every day


Dewe Junior School

• Dewe school is 300km north of Harare, in a remote rural area called Pfungwe North Communal Land, which is difficult to cultivate so families struggle to make enough money and food to survive
• The school has 275 full time pupils, and 40 pre-school students
• The school had no electricity, no running water, and the buildings were in a shocking state. Pupils had to walk 3km to the river to collect water in buckets. The children arrive at school at 8.00am, and leave for home at 3.00pm. They were given no food or drink during the day, except what they bring with them - and most arrive empty handed as well as barefoot
• Vimba has been feeding all the pupils at Dewe since August 2011
• Thanks to 36 South’s support, Vimba has rebuilt the classrooms, with larger windows to allow for natural light and a large area of arable land was fenced off to allow the school to grow crops, without wild animals destroying and eating the produce. A borehole has been sunk with a 5000l water tank to store clean drinking water


Komani Learning Centre

Vimba has recently completed a new community project on a farm. The land was donated by a local farmer who also helped sponsor the building project along with Intercontinental Exchange. Vimba has built two small learning centres, which will be used by the community for extra lessons and library access.
During the day, one centre will provide education and childcare for young children from the local area whilst their parents go to work.
The second centre provides educational opportunities for older children and adults including a computer room, library and a study room.


Additional Community Projects

Vimba works with other organisations and charities in Southern Africa to provide support and finances for worthy projects. We are working with Miracle Missions in Zimbabwe on a “Reach for a dream” project which currently takes 300 orphans to the cinema every fortnight, to experience something they have never seen. This project has begun successfully, and we have been lucky to receive generous donations from local companies (including Probottlers and Probrands) to supply food and drinks for the children.

We need you

Vimba aims to increase our presence through partnerships whilst maintaining our grass roots ideology. We are looking to partner with like-minded corporations who want to make a difference in Southern Africa. Corporate support from companies such as 36 South, ASIG, BSG, Intercontinental Exchange and Exchange4free have dramatically increased our reach and impact on the ground in Zimbabwe. If you think that your organisation might be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you so send us a mail to info@vimba.co.uk