What we do - London

What do the various teams do?

Vimba’s London arm focuses on fundraising whilst the Zimbabwean Vimba team controls the distribution of food and supplies and provides vital feedback and direction.
Vimba is run by a group of passionate volunteers. Our number one priority are the children we are raising money for, to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from every single kind donation. To achieve this, we maintain extremely low fixed overheads; we don’t take salaries or rent out office space, in fact we don’t even get free entry to our own events! You can therefore be confident that nearly every penny you donate directly benefits the children in Zimbabwe and we are extremely proud of this fact.

How do we disburse the donations?

First and foremost, we need to ensure we raise enough each year to sustain the existing Vimba centres and the 400 plus children that you as Vimba supporters feed on a daily basis.
Surplus funds are then used for various projects; such as the regeneration of dilapidated schools, sinking of boreholes to provide clean water and improve sanitation, buying educational material, looking after certain children with medical conditions such as epilepsy and so on.

How can you help raise funds?

Well, below are a bunch of ideas. Hopefully one of them will inspire you or you can contact us with any fresh and creative fund raising proposals you may have. We are all ears and would love your support in any way. By the way, raising funds is not the only way to help us. You can make a difference by helping us run an event, networking to connect us to potential donors and providing input to help guide the Vimba team are some examples. Don’t be afraid to approach us, we are a friendly bunch!

Organise a raffle at work or amongst friends e.g. donated sports tickets etc.
Use your voice and keep talking about Vimba!
Rock a gig or concert either using your own talent or arrange a fun summer event.

Look the part and plan a dress down day at work - ask for small donations to take part.
Arrange an art exhibition.
Never stop offering your help to the Vimba team!
Dine and wine – host a wine and cheese party, charging for admission.

Ongoing activity – put a collection box at work and/or around town, at your gym or local shops.
Use your selling skills at music events/stalls at markets to sell Vimba merchandise.
Raffle something interesting and arrange an auction at a particular venue.

Pub quiz – host one to test people’s African knowledge!
Extreme makeover – host a cosmetics day in your own home e.g. Body Shop etc.
Open your door to smaller gatherings of friends/home parties, maybe splash out with a theme!
Plan a braai/barbeque in the summer time, selling drinks, boerie rolls and snacks to raise funds.
Love the sound of your own voice? Arrange a karaoke evening.
Ever ready to get involved!

Organisation - get your company on board with a corporate sponsorship.
Use a fun venue for a lock-in and donate the proceeds to Vimba.
Raise funds by hosting a Golf day.

Propose a speed-dating event with friends, and friends-of-friends, to get the singletons mingling.
Represent yourself/team/club in a sponsored sports event such as a rugby tournament, spinathlon or marathon etc.
Ongoing support - please touch in with us once in a while through one of our social media platforms.
Be bold and continue to ask for donations from friends and colleagues.
Luncheon – ask colleagues to bring a packed lunch to work and donate what they would’ve
spent lunching out.
Encourage others to help Vimba spread its reach.
Make a difference!