What is a Vimbassador?

A Vimbassador is in essence a Vimba Ambassador - anyone who has been involved with Vimba and the work we do and has been inspired to the point of wanting to help and get involved.
We are so lucky to have so many supporters who raise money for us, volunteer their time or specialist skills to assist with our events, carry out essential tasks like design work or making deliveries to our centres and the individuals we support or simply raise awareness.
For this we are truly grateful, and believe that we would not be where we are today without the help of all of these individuals and companies.


World Beating Vimbassadors


Cameron Bellamy and the Ubunye Team
In August 2014, the incredible Cameron and his team from Ubunye raised both money and awareness for Vimba by joining a seven-person rowing crew that broke two world records for the fastest-ever crossing of the Indian Ocean in a rowing boat. The rowers set out from Geraldton, Australia on June 11 and have covered over 4,200 miles to the Seychelles in just 57 days despite knockdowns in massive seas and the loss of crucial equipment, a collision with a whale, and the evacuation of a crewman in a dramatic mid-ocean rescue.
These extreme sports fanatics also took part in a 24 hour indoor rowathlon, breaking four world records as the crew were joined by over 380 rowers from 10 countries on 5 continents.
Click here to check out Ubunye's website.


Phil Davis
Here is another individual who epitomises the definition of a Vimbassador. Phil continues to amaze us with his contributions, commitment, sweat and tears.
In 2011, Phil ran the Marathon des Sables. This gruelling race consists of six marathons over a course of seven days through the Sahara Desert and is considered the toughest footrace on the earth! In addition, you have to carry your own backpack for the duration of the race with all of your provisions!
In 2012, Phil submitted a proposal to the company he worked for on behalf of Vimba to be one of the selected charities his company will support. His own commitment and belief in Vimba led him to be successful out of hundreds of applicants and Vimba was awarded a substantial amount.

Corporate Vimbassadors

We really could not have achieved what we have to date without the backing of our Corporate Vimbassadors. Over the past few years these companies have been fantastic in their support of our cause:

Constant Vimba supporters, golfers and ball goers, Rich, Jerry and Mike - we would not be where we are today without the unwavering and enthusiastic support of the 36 team. Many of our projects would not have got off the ground without their enormous generosity. One example is Dewe School, where 36 South funded the entire regeneration of a dilapidated rural school and provided funding to sink a borehole. As a result, children no longer have to walk a few kilometres each way to fetch water from a local river and the school is now operating at full capacity from previously having a handful of malnourished children.

Our thanks go to the students at Balliol College in Oxford who regularly raise money for us using innovative and creative fundraising ideas!

BSG UK adopted Vimba as their charity in 2012. They hosted a number of different events, from pub quiz’s to going green and getting sponsored for cycling or running into work. We appreciate it was very much a collective team effort and we can’t thank them enough.

Howden Partners very kindly selected Vimba as one of their two charities in 2012/3. With significant donations like theirs, Vimba is able to change the lives of small communities in the area. Thank you Howden Partners!

The Charitable Trust at Intercontinental Exchange have very generously committed to supporting Vimba for three years. Their support has allowed the Komani Estate project to become a reality and children and adults in the community are benefitting from his wonderful project.

The NDY Charitable Trust made a sizeable donation that will allow Vimba to complete the classroom block in the Mapere project. Without this, the project would be delayed and the children would have continued to have learnt under a tree and in inadequate conditions.

Sloane Robinson’s support has funded the running of the centres for a number of months.

Troy Asset Management’s support have funded the running of the centres for a number of months.

Thank you for your support.

Individual Vimbassadors

Thanks must go to the following individuals whose continuous help enables us to keep our efforts up, particularly in the fundraising space:

  • Dave Hawkey (Web Support)
  • Carey Shaw (Web Support)
  • Lorren Fernandes (Graphic Design)
  • Jodie Palmer (Graphic Design)
  • Virgin triathletes
  • London Marathon Runners
  • Nick Hocart (Fundraising & networking)
  • Jenny Whalley (Artist)
  • Wilf Mbanga (Editor of The Zimbabwean newspaper)
  • Gareth Hook (Artist)
  • Richard Fraser (Marathon runner)
  • Tamara Walkden (Marathon runner)
  • Stuart Hamilton (Cape Epic rider)
  • Andy Britz (Cape Epic rider)
  • Zane Smith (Cape Epic rider)
  • Emkay (Musician)

To everyone else who has helped spread the word on Vimba and assisted us, thank you so much for the support!

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Thank You

Thank you for thinking of us, and for some, stepping in at the last minute to help out. Every contribution makes a difference and your efforts are much appreciated.